"No es la dificultad la que impide atreverse, pues de no atreverse viene toda la dificultad."

William Shakespeare


Granda Developments has wide experience in different types of projects. Here are some examples of some of our most notable projects

Technology Sector
  • Venture Capital operations on various technology companies.
  • Creating an online architecture journal.
  • Establishment of a star-up in web development sector.
  • Searching for investors and IPO in Frankfurt online gaming platform.
Industrial Sector
  • Venture Capital Operations on several industrial companies.
  • MBO on industrial company.
  • Design, restructure and turnaround of an electrical equipment manufacturer.
  • Implementation from Spain of a security and access control company in Latin America.
  • Managing a metal fabrication company for family succession underway.
  • Creation of a Joint-Venture between a Spanish and a German capital goods industry company.
Healthcare Sector
  • Establishment of a start-up and implementation of an electromedical multinational company.
  • Creation of an international cosmetics distributor company.
  • Control of management and the finance department for the establishment of a multinational company in the software and medical robotics industry.
Hospitality Sector:
  • Consolidation and international expansion of a security and access control company in the hotel sector.
  • Searching for distributors in Tunisia and Morocco for a multinational company related to the hotel industry.
Real Estate Sector:
  • Sales and marketing management of a Construction Company / Real estate promoter.
  • Commercialization of a construction equipment company in Latin America, Persian Gulf and Africa.
  • Management of the purchasing of 5 *Urban Hotels.
  • Commercialization mainly in Latin-America of real estate and new technologies companies for the construction industry.
Energy sector:
  • Searching for investors to support the growth of a medium power wind turbines manufacturer.
  • Searching for investors in order to support the growth and internationalization of a company dedicated to the management and analysis of power consumption.
Food Sector:
  • Venture Capital Operations on several Spanish food companies for internationalization.