Corporate finance

Granda Developments, Spanish Consulting Firm with international presence, helps companies to get financing, investment and growth.


We offer several investment choices that achieve the selective requirements given, developing a previous analysis (financial and commercial) of the opportunities presented.

  • Business and projects acquisition for our investors through selective search mandate
  • Search for investors or companies for projects that require investment


  • Identification of companies that require financing
  • Implementation / Optimization of customers business plans´
  • Utilization of the own network of investors for finance projects
  • Implementation of Business Development

We provide a close, direct and clear answer to the companies´ needs, engaging in all aspects that may be required to achieve the ultimate goal, focusing on points such as:

  • Pre-Analysis
  • Development of the Work Plan
  • Search for Partners
  • Financial Aspects
  • Legal-Aspects
  • Development and Implementation of the agreed program