International Trade Commerce

Granda facilitates international trade transactions to different buyers or sellers who want to find a counterpart to his proposals.


We are specialized in making made-to-measure approach for trading operations, selecting the right agents for each proposed transaction.

Granda tracks and monitors at all times the status of each operation, from initial negotiations to closing the transactions.


Our experience and trusted international relationships makes that the operations, where Granda intermediates, are guaranteed with high reliability in quality and in agreed price.

Our geographic focus is global, both when seeking sources of supply, such as when searching market for our customers.

This means a guarantee of success.

Products range

Granda Developments has stable relationships around the world with a large number of suppliers, importers and distributors, offering very competitive prices in a broad portfolio.

We are continually expanding our product portfolio due to a fast growth and expansion of our suppliers network, because Granda Developments´ philosophy consists of offering our customers the most comprehensive service without it being diminished our responsiveness and quality.

Our core Business is in the Agrifood sector

Some products we work with are:

  • Vegetable oils: olive, sunflower, canola, soy, corn, palm.
  • Sugar: beet, cane
  • Meat Products
  • Grains: rice, maize
  • Canned food, milk, powdered milk

But we also represent meaningful commodities operations like:

  • Oil and its derivatives
  • Coal
  • Metal: copper, iron, aluminum
  • Cement, slag and fly ash

Our worldwide agents´ network can get counterparties to other types of products.