"Marcharían mejor las cosas si cada cual se limitara a ejercer el oficio que le es conocido."


Our Values

EXPERIENCE:All professionals working at Granda have over 15 years experience in their areas. They have developed their careers in business management, either running their own companies or as employees. Therefore, they understand the client's needs and have a "real" intuition when defining and executing the projects.

PRACTICAL APPROACH:When developing a project, we work hand in hand with the client. Our schedules and deadlines can be easily monitored by the client from the beginning.

AGILITY AND FLEXIBILITY:Our horizontal structure is represented by no rigid hierarchies and an easy inner reporting procedure that does not take too much time from our analysts. This allows us to be available for our clients and address their needs faster than traditional consulting companies, with controlling systems that slow the performance and decision making of their employees.

OPENNESS AND RESPONSIBILITY:Over the economical results of our Company, we characterised for efficient working practices, illusion shared with our clients, openness in our work and inner procedures, and the professional ethics. We talk to be understood, not using technical terms or sophisticated language and exposing clearly our approach.